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October 22, 2013
TERENA Networking Conference 2014

ACOnet supports the active Austrian attendance at the "TERENA Networking Conference 2014" with the theme "Networking With The World".

August 20, 2013
New issue of the GÉANT CONNECT magazine available!

Highlight: "Faster Science! Europe’s New Terabit Network"

July 23, 2013
next layer - New Internet Upstream Provider

With next layer, ACOnet has a second Internet Upstream Provider besides Level3. Benefits are redundancy and a better accessibility of german content because of next layers presence at SWISS-IX and DE-CIX.

July 03, 2013
Video online: Network Performing Arts Production Workshop 2013

In March, mdw and ACOnet, in cooperation with TERENA and Internet2, organized a workshop on „Performing Arts over Advanced Networks“ in Vienna. A brief summary video is now available.

May 06, 2013
New AustrianGrid Website

The new AustrianGrid website is an information portal about high performance computing (HPC), grid and cloud related topics for austrian researchers and organizations.

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