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last change: December 01, 2015


eduroam which stands for "Education Roaming" allows users of participating institutions to access the wireless network at other participating organizations using their home institution's credentials. All this with a minimal adminstrative overhead. Depending on local policies at the visited institutions, eduroam participants may also have additional resources at their disposal.

For further details please visit

ACOnet participants receive more service information in our Webportal at Working Groups/eduroam.

On July 17, 2015 a test run for eduroam was started for a joint use of parts of the Public WiFi Infrastructure. Initially eduroam is available at the "Donauinsel" (Danube Island) and subsequently also in the city center of Vienna. Consequently eduroam WiFi will not only be present at the ACOnet participants listed below. More information about Public WiFi can be found at:

Participating Organizations

ACOnet provides the basic infrastructure for the eduroam service. The participating organizations in Austria are listed below. Further information regarding configuration or local support can be found at their local websites:

Location Organization SSID Local Support
Dornbirn FH Vorarlberg eduroam helpdesk(at)
Innsbruck University of Innsbruck eduroam zid-service(at)
Innsbruck Innsbruck Medical University eduroam it-helpdesk(at)
Innsbruck MCI Management Center Innsbruck eduroam helpdesk(at)
Salzburg Salzburg University of Applied Sciences eduroam helpdesk(at)
Salzburg University of Salzburg eduroam eduroam.ticket(at)
Salzburg Salzburg Research eduroam help.eduroam(at)
Hagenberg University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria eduroam helpdesk(at)
Wels University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria eduroam helpdesk(at)
Steyr University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria eduroam helpdesk(at)
Linz Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität eduroam zid(at)
Linz University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria eduroam helpdesk(at)
Linz JKU Linz eduroam netadmin(at)
Krems Donau-Universität Krems eduroam eduroam.helpdesk(at)
Krems IMC University of Applied Sciences eduroam support(at)
Graz University of Graz eduroam servicedesk(at)
Graz Graz University of Technology eduroam wlan(at)
Graz Medical University of Graz eduroam it-serviceline(at)
Graz University College of Teacher Education Styria eduroam support(at)
Graz CAMPUS 02 University of Applied Sciences eduroam servicedesk(at)
Graz, Kapfenberg, Bad Gleichenberg FH JOANNEUM eduroam helpdesk(at)
Leoben Montanuniversität Leoben eduroam betreuer(at)
Villach, Klagenfurt, Feldkirchen,
Carinthia University of Applied Sciences eduroam helpdesk(at)
Wiener Neustadt FH Wiener Neustadt eduroam support(at)
Laxenburg IIASA eduroam eduroam(at)
Vienna/Graz Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) eduroam  
Vienna University of Vienna eduroam helpdesk.zid(at)
Vienna Vienna University of Economics and Business eduroam hotline(at)
Vienna Vienna University of Technology eduroam help(at)
Vienna Medical University of Vienna eduroam helpdesk(at)
Vienna University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna eduroam hotline(at)
Vienna Academy of fine arts Vienna eduroam support(at)
Vienna University of Applied Arts Vienna eduroam PC(at)
Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna eduroam helpdesk(at)
Vienna University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna eduroam it.helpdesk(at)
Vienna Centre for Social Innovation eduroam eduroam(at)
Vienna Institute for Advanced Studies eduroam hotline(at)
Vienna The Natural History Museum Vienna eduroam helpdesk(at)
Vienna University of Applied Science BFI Vienna eduroam support(at)
Vienna FH Campus Wien eduroam support(at)
Vienna FH Technikum Wien eduroam support(at)
Vienna Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (incl. CSF and IMBA) eduroam support(at)


Basically it is recommended to try your eduroam configuration first of all at your home organization (the university or educational institution where you are registered). Hence in case of any problems you have the possibility of local internet connection and you can ask for help in your institution. In most instances eduroam will work at other locations, if you had no problems in your home organization.

Tips in case of problems

If you have problems to connect to eduroam in one of the listed organizations, please follow these steps:

  • Check your WLAN and encryption settings. Make use of the configuration guides  on the website of the respective organization.
    e.g. WLAN Anleitung der Universität Wien
  • Contact the support of your home organization. They can test local settings and check your authentication.
  • If there are no problems on the part of your home organization, it is probably a local problem. Please contact the local support of the organization where you try to connect with eduroam.