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last change: July 17, 2013

Press Area

In this area some publications about ACOnet and further material for press releases is available.


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The following articles refer to ACOnet (german only):

Universities and Telekom Austria:

high tec infrastructure for Austrian science network implemented

Press Release, Tuesday March 24, 2009

The Austrian science network (ACOnet) has made a powerful extension to the effectiveness of its data links: the new, innovative ACOnet infrastructure, set up by Telekom Austria under contract to the University of Vienna over the last two years, successfully entered service at the beginning of 2009.
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Universities and Telekom Austria are upgrading the research network

Press Release, Wednesday July 25, 2007

Handshaking Telekom Austria, Universität Wien

The need for an efficient information and telecommunications infrastructure for research and education continuously increases. In Austria, data transfer to the world’s scientific community is provided by the Austrian Academic Computer Network (ACOnet).
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