The 13th ArgeStorage Meeting will take place from November 22-23, 2019 at in Vienna.


The Austrian Network Operators Group (ATNOG) will meet on November 5, 2019 at in Vienna for the next ATNOG Talk.


ACOnet is now a member of the "Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security" (MANRS) initiative. This means that ACOnet, like all other MANRS participants, has taken some significant steps to increase the routing security of the global Internet infrastructure.


The new VSC-4 system of the "Vienna Scientific Cluster" was ranked 82nd on the biannually updated list of the world's Top500 supercomputers. Congratulations!


As of April 2019, members of the university staff and students are able to use eduroam at 25 CityWLAN access points in downtown Klagenfurt.


Welcome to ACOnet!

ACOnet is the Austrian National Research and Education Network (NREN) for science, research, education, and culture. It is operated by the Vienna University Computer Center, in co-operation with other universities in Austria.

ACOnet provides a nation-wide fibre optic backbone with high-performance access to international academic networks via GÉANT, as well as to the Internet. Furthermore, ACOnet offers its members various target-group-specific services to support research projects and communities.

net:art coordination center reloaded

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Since 2013, ACOnet has been committed in the field of net:art - multi-site performances in real time via high-speed networks and specific low latency technologies. In order to promote the exchange of experience and knowledge within the community, ACOnet has also launched the net:art coordination center some time ago. Thanks to the friendly support of Kapsch, this initiative can now be presented on a new, comprehensive website.

We invite you to explore the website Take a look at the documentation of our past productions, enjoy the videos and photo galleries and follow the progress of our ambitious new project "aaron's law"!

New opportunities through PRACE

A consortium of Austrian universities, represented by the ACONET Association, joined the international "Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe" (PRACE) in July 2018. This opens new opportunities in the field of supercomputing for researchers and students in Austria.


ACOnet Annual Report 2018

Our annual report (in German) provides information on infrastructural improvements and new services. In addition, it contains reviews of last year's events, site portraits, and guest contributions on interesting projects of ACOnet participants. We wish you an interesting read!