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last change: September 28, 2016

Contact and Imprint

If you have a question, please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions. Perhaps you can find an adequate answer to your question there.

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  • In case of technical questions please direct your mail to noc(at)
  • For general questions write a mail to admin(at)
  • If you have troubles with the homepage or helpful suggestions concerning the website please use the adress webmaster(at)
  • For questions concerning security and abuse, cert(at) may help you.
  • Please direct questions about Domains to our Internet Domain Administration at domain-admin(at)
  • Questions about Certificates or the Trusted Certificate Service (TCS) will be answered at tcs(at)
  • In case of (technical) questions concerning the SAML Federation please contact eduid(at)
  • For contractual issues about the "ACOnet Identity Federation" use federation(at)

Imprint and postal address

Disclosure acc. to ยง 25 MedG - Responsible for the contents of this website
(Postal address):

University of Vienna
Vienna University Computer Center
ACOnet / VIX
Universitaetsstr. 7
1010 Vienna
T +43-1-4277-14030
F +43-1-4277-14338
eMail admin(at)

The ACOnet (NOC) Team's office address is
Ebendorferstrasse 10, 1010 Vienna (left entrance just beyond the main door)

Disclaimer of liability and endorsement

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