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last change: August 19, 2019

Login ACOnet Webportal

In the course of the website's redesign, we have changed the login procedure to the ACOnet Webportal.

Changes in detail:

  • All previous ACOnet portal account credentials (username and password) have expired on March, 15th 2016 and can no longer be used to log in.
  • There are now two types of portal account credentials:

    1. Federation Login
      Portal users from organizations that run an Identity Provider (IdP) need to log in using the Federation Login.
      The password can only be changed at the IdP.

    2. Local Accounts
      Portalusers from organizations without an Identity Provider (IdP) need to log in using the e-mail-address used in the portal account application.
      Please use  the "Forgot your password?" function to set your initial password.

Possible malfunctions:

Login via Identity Provider (IdP)

On login, you are being returned to the Login page, without an error message

Your Identitiy Provider does not send the EPPN (EduPersonPrincipalName) attribute to the ACOnet Webserver. Please ask the IdP contact of your organization to adjust the IdP settings.


Login via a local Account

You didn't receive an e-mail from the "password reset" function

Possible causes: the mail has landed in your SPAM folder.

Further possible causes: You don't have your own portal account yet or another e-mail adress is registered. Please contact webmaster(at)aco.net .

You did reset your password already and after the login process you receive the error message "Login failure. You don't have permissions to access the ACOnet webportal."

Possible causes: You are known as a contact person from a VIX participant, but you don't have a portal account yet. Please fill in the form available at portal account and send it to webmaster(at)aco.net.

In all other cases please contact webmaster(at)aco.net with a detailed error description.