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last change: February 01, 2021

Services & Tools

ACOnet offers

  • a nationwide fiber optic backbone which interlinks the networks of the participating organizations in the national area and connects them to international networks,
  • numerous community activities (working groups, workshops, meetings, etc.)

and many other services:

For Users

eduroam provides secure Wi-Fi access for students and employees of eduroam participants - free of charge, easy to use, available at any participating institution and many public spaces in over 100 countries around the world.

ACOnet FileSender
FileSender allows you to submit files that are too large to be sent by e-mail.

For Austrian Academic Organizations & Dormitories

ac.at Domains
All domains under ac.at and sth.ac.at (these are the dedicated domains for Austrian academic institutions and dormitories) are registered and administered exclusively by ACOnet. Except for dormitories, an ACOnet participation is not required for the domain application. Please note the terms and conditions ('Domain-Vergabebedingungen')!

For ACOnet's Participating Organizations

The ACOnet CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) is the point of contact for security issues and provides assistance in the event of security incidents.

ACOnet Identity Federation
This alliance of ACOnet participants and service providers facilitates the cross-institutional access to selected resources of other Federation members.

TCS Certificates
ACOnet participants can obtain various types of digital certificates, free of charge and in unlimited quantities, via the Trusted Certificate Service (TCS).

Cloud Services
Based on Europe-wide framework agreements and thus without the need for individual tenders, ACOnet participants have access to a wide range of Cloud Services.

IP Address Allocation (LIR)
ACOnet's Local Internet Registry assigns IPv4 and IPv6 addresses to participating organizations.

ACOdns (Name Services)
Participating organizations may obtain their complete name service from ACOnet on request - usually without additional costs.

Time Servers
ACOnet operates two time servers which are freely available for time queries via NTP.

Emergency Website
ACOnet participants have the opportunity of creating static HTML pages on a web server operated by ACOnet and redirecting their website traffic to these pages if necessary.

Web Portal
The ACOnet Web Portal offers additional services for participating organizations, e.g. traffic statistics and detailed information on working group meetings.