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last change: January 31, 2021

TCS - Trusted Certificate Service

Change of TCS provider

  • The contract with the previous TCS provider DigiCert has expired on 30 April 2020. Certificates issued by DigiCert remain valid until the expiry date of the certificate.

  • Since 1 May 2020, certificates can only be obtained from the new TCS provider Sectigo (see below).

Sectigo Portal Login

GÉANT, the umbrella organization of Europe's National Research and Education Networks (NRENS), has signed a framework agreement with Sectigo Limited regarding the provision and administration of X.509 certificates. GÉANT provides this Trusted Certificate Service (TCS) to all participating NRENs.

ACOnet has subscribed to this agreement and therefore is able to provide its members with several types of certificates, free of charge and in unlimited numbers. This service is offered exclusively for ACOnet participants, based on a supplementary agreement (see below).

The supplementary agreement has to be signed by an authorized person at the participant's organization. Please send the completed and digitally signed PDF form and the required enclosures by e-mail to admin(at)aco.net (your signature must be verifiable by RTR's signature verification service). Alternatively, you can also send us the printed form with your original signature by post. In both cases we will return the digitally countersigned document by e-mail.

Types of Certificates

The Trusted Certificate Service offers several types of certificates. They all may be requested via the Sectigo Portal.

  • TLS/SSL Server Certificates
    Sectigo provides web interfaces for requesting server certificates, as well as for approving such requests. The latter being the task of the TCS administrator at the respective ACOnet participant.

  • Personal Certificates
    Personal certificates serve to identify individual users and may be used to sign e.g. e-mails or PDF documents.

  • Code Signing Certificates
    Code Signing Certificates serve to confirm the authenticity of software distributed over the Internet.

Further information

More details on the various types of certificates and on the proper procedures to obtain them can be found on the wiki help page. For further information please consult the FAQs.

In case of any questions please contact tcs(at)aco.net.