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last change: May 07, 2020

Local Internet Registry (LIR)

Upon request, the ACOnet Local Internet Registry can assign IP addresses (IPv4 and IPv6) to its customers and partners. Please see the Details page for further information, e.g. terms of validity and costs. The requirements and workflows are described at Requesting IP Addresses.

Distribution Mechanism for IP Addresses

ACOnet is part of the global system to distribute IP addresses to its customers and partners. In the interest of the global Internet community, this system makes sure that some basic requirements are met. The most important ones are: the request for, and the amount of addresses required, has to be backed up by technical documentation, and the distribution paths have to follow an established hierarchy.

At the root IANA - the operational component of ICANN - manages the allocation of big blocks of addresses to the 5 Regional Internet Registries (RIRs). Subsequently the RIRs distribute contiguous address ranges to their members (ISPs, having a customer relationship with their RIR) upon receiving address space requests. The ISPs in turn assign smaller address ranges from these blocks to their customers and to their own internal network segments.

ACOnet, as a customer of the European RIR (RIPE NCC in Amsterdam), is offering this LIR service since 1993.