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last change: October 03, 2019

IP Address Allocation: Details

IPv4 PA Addresses

The hierarchical allocation of addresses as described in the tree structure allows ISPs to announce their respective IP address spaces to the routing system as few, homogeneous blocks, thus simplifying overall routing. Address spaces consolidated in this manner are called "Provider Aggregatable" (PA) Addresses.

PA addresses are assigned for the duration of the participant's association with ACOnet. In case participation in ACOnet is terminated, these IP addresses are returned to ACOnet. If the former participant is switching to another ISP, a short transitional period may be granted.

Existing IPv4 Addresses

New participants or ACOnet participants holding portable address spaces independently from ACOnet (e.g. historically assigned Class B spaces, Class C spaces from the 192.x.x.x range, or "Provider Independent" Addresses) may continue to use those. Notwithstanding any contractual relationships with ACOnet, such addresses remain the responsibility of the participant.

For ACOnet participants with already assigned "Provider Independent" addresses, we assume the role of sponsoring LIR.


No fees are due for requisition and assignment of PA addresses for ACOnet participants. ACOnet pays the annual subscription fees to RIPE NCC.