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last change: December 12, 2016

Requesting IP Addresses

IPv4 PA Addresses

Such locations, that

  • are being newly connected to the net and thus have no assigned addresses,
  • need additional addresses for the further development of services, or
  • wish to move to ACOnet from another provider

may request IPv4 addresses via the LIR service (see Details).

To that end, RIPE requires documentation of the planned network - or, in case of an extension, documentation of the existing network and of the planned extension. This documentation should be enclosed with the request form (see below). Please transmit the completed form to lir(at)aco.net.

IPv6 PA Addresses

Such locations, that wish to test or use the newer Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), may also request the necessary address space from the ACOnet LIR.

As the IPv6 address space is exceedingly larger than that of IPv4, much less documentation is required for requesting IPv6 addresses. Any ACOnet participant will receive a /48 address block. Thus, each participant will have 64 thousand /64-bit blocks of IPv6 addresses at their disposal.

Request Forms