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last change: January 31, 2021

ACOnet FileSender

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ACOnet FileSender Upgrade

On 1 December 2020 a new version of ACOnet FileSender was put into operation.

  • You can now upload up to 30 files at once and use several upload processes running in parallel (depending on the quality of your internet connection). The size limit per transfer has been increased to 250 GB.
  • You will receive the download links created by FileSender by e-mail and can conveniently forward them to the desired recipients from your own e-mail address. For more information on this please see the FileSender Wiki.
What happened during the changeover?
  • The old FileSender system has been renamed to https://filesender-old.aco.net (previously: https://filesender.aco.net). All previously uploaded files remain accessible until their expiry date.
  • The FileSender test system has been renamed to https://filesender.aco.net (previously: https://filesender-test.aco.net).
  • All valid download links of both systems are automatically redirected to the changed server addresses and therefore continue to work.
What does no longer work since the changeover?
  • You can no longer log in and no longer upload files to the previous FileSender system (now: https://filesender-old.aco.net). However, existing download links can still be used until their expiry date.
  • Existing FileSender vouchers ("Invite guest" function) from the previous FileSender system have expired with the upgrade. Instead, new invitations need to be issued on the new system (where this function is called "Receive").
  • If you have used the Python CLI client on the FileSender test system, you need to download it again so that the server name encoded in the client is updated. However, any generated API Secrets will remain valid and usable.

Further information on the upgrade can be found in the FileSender Wiki.

FileSender Logo

FileSender is a web-based tool for the transmission of large files between identified individuals. It is developed to the requirements of the higher education and research community in the context of an open source project.

ACOnet FileSender is a local installation of the FileSender software at the University of Vienna, and is operated (without any guarantees) by ACOnet, the Austrian Academic Computer Network.

More information is available in German.