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last change: October 11, 2019


The Austrian Academic Computer Network (ACOnet) is a national backbone network for science, research, education, and culture. Commencing operations in 1990 (see History), ACOnet provides a nation-wide highly performant and non-overbooked fiber backbone network, offering connection PoPs in all Austrian provinces. All ACOnet PoPs are connected redundantly, permitting highly stable and fail-safe network operations. With this backbone, ACOnet participants are able to implement joint projects with high data volume requirements with little headaches and at manageable costs.

The backbone boasts excellent international connections to other science networks as well as to the global Internet, and ACOnet's close co-operation with the Vienna Internet eXchange ensures equally reliable and high data throughput on the local and regional levels.

Furthermore, ACOnet offers a wealth of Internet services to its participating organizations.