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last change: June 21, 2023

Points of Presence (PoPs)

ACOnet entertains Points of Presence (PoPs) in all Austrian provinces, which is where ACOnet participants hook up to the backbone. ACOnet maintains these PoPs in cooperation with the following organisations:

Point of Presence Institution Address
Wien 1 University of Vienna, CC Universitaetsstrasse 7
1010 Vienna
Wien 21 Interxion Louis-Haefliger-Gasse 10
1210 Vienna
Linz 1 University Linz, CC Altenbergstrasse 69
4040 Linz
Linz 2 Upper Austria Federal State Government Kaerntnerstrasse 16
4020 Linz
Salzburg 1 Techno-Z, University Salzburg Jakob-Haringer-Strasse 2a
5020 Salzburg
Salzburg 2 University Salzburg, CC Hellbrunner Strasse 34
5020 Salzburg
Innsbruck 1 University of Innsbruck, CC Technikerstrasse 23
6020 Innsbruck
Innsbruck 2 Medical University of Innsbruck Fritz-Pregl-Strasse 1-3
6020 Innsbruck
Bregenz Vorarlberger Informatik- und
Josef-Huter-Strasse 35
6900 Bregenz
Dornbirn FH Vorarlberg Hochschulstrasse 1
6850 Dornbirn
Klagenfurt 1 University of Klagenfurt, CC Universitaetsstrasse 65-67
9020 Klagenfurt
Klagenfurt 2 University of Klagenfurt, CC
Lakeside Technology Park
Lakeside B01
9020 Klagenfurt
Leoben University of Leoben, CC Franz-Josef-Strasse 18
8700 Leoben
Graz 1 Graz University of Technology, CC Steyrergasse 30
8010 Graz
Graz 2 University of Graz, CC Universitaetsstrasse 15
8010 Graz
Eisenstadt 1 FH Burgenland Campus 1
7000 Eisenstadt
Eisenstadt 2 EBRZ Kasernenstrasse 9
7000 Eisenstadt
Wiener Neustadt FH Wiener Neustadt Johannes-Gutenberg-Strasse 3
2700 Wiener Neustadt
Krems Danube University Krems Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Strasse 30
3500 Krems
St. Poelten Lower Austria Federal State Government Linzer Strasse 106
3100 St. Poelten
ZAS Federal Chancellery of Austria 5600 St. Johann im Pongau

Additionally, it is possible to connect to ACOnet at the MuseumsQuartier Wien and at the "Haus der Forschung" ("House of Science") in Vienna's ninth district. Further possibilities exist and may be discussed with the ACOnet team at any time.