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last change: June 21, 2023


ACOnet topology from mid-2023 (with a second location in Eisenstadt and a third location in Vienna)

All over Austria, ACOnet in co-operation with some major participants entertains Points of Presence (PoPs). The routers at our PoPs are interconnected via a physical network specifically dedicated to ACOnet. These routers connect the participants' routers.

  • The locations Krems, St. Pölten, St. Johann/Pongau, Bregenz, Dornbirn, Leoben, Wiener Neustadt, Eisenstadt 1 and Eisenstadt 2 are each connected to their two nearest PoPs with 20 Gbps links.

  • To increase availability, two interconnected PoPs are being entertained at each location in Linz, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, and Graz. Each of these two PoPs is linked to one of the two Viennese PoPs via geographically separated and redundant ways. This ensures that even in case of a possible interruption a Viennese PoP can still be reached directly. In addition, each of these cities has a direct connection to Salzburg. This improves the load distribution in case that the backup upstream in Salzburg gets active.

  • The core routers at the two Viennese PoPs are interconnected by two redundant fibers with 200 Gbps in total. All other PoPs are connected to these core routers. They also provide international and commodity connectivity for ACOnet's participants.

Additionally, since 2015 we operate the so-called "LWL-Ring WienMitte/WienWest", a redundant fiber ring interconnecting several major Viennese cultural institutions. For more information see Community.