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last change: April 30, 2020

ACOnet and The Arts

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Arts, culture and technology -
an indivisible unit in the digital era

Among numerous Austrian cultural institutions, ACOnet has come to enjoy highest esteem as a trustworthy provider of network services to all sorts of IT and digitization projects.

Today's arts institutions' ICT requirements are various and have become dependent on stable network connections, be it for CRM, flexible ticket sales systems or for digitizing complete collections. Long term strategies as well as temporary arts projects require reliable infrastructure and high bandwidths.

Drawing on the science networks' digital ressources

By networking with similar national science networks in Europe and all over the world, ACOnet offers its participants access to a world-wide community valuing the free exchange of knowledge and information, paired with highest network security standards and based on common, transparent and fair financial arrangements.

For example, data traffic with other ACOnet participants, as well as with other science networks is limited only by physical restraints. No volume charges apply. Also, data upload to the commodity internet is unlimited and free of charge, as outlined in Participant Connection.

For the digital presence of any modern museum this service constitutes a tremendous advantage. International co-operations among (media) libraries etc., including the exchange of digitalized collections become financially feasible.

Such digital resources also become available to schools and other educational institutions. For example, the Austrian School Network (EDUnet), which is run by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, uses the ACOnet backbone.

The art of connecting people

ACOnet's Community Services are characterized by collective action. This pertains to the KUKIT Round Table (since 2012), but no less to the international participation in net:art - performing arts over advanced networks.