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last change: November 29, 2023

net:art coordination center

Since 2013, ACOnet has been committed in the field of performing arts over advanced networks (in short net:art): multi-site performances in real time via high-speed networks and specific low latency technologies. We share one dream: to connect artists performing at various locations all around the globe in real time and interactively, to transform physical absence into presence. We offer our audiences multiple accesses to art - online and offline.

Our live production series "net:art | near in the distance" generated an appetite for further collaboration. Thus, the net:art coordination center has been established in order to provide opportunities for knowledge exchange and practical exchange for all project partners.

All details can be found at www.netart.cc.

We invite you to explore this website - take a look at the documentations of our past productions, enjoy the videos and photo galleries, and follow the progress of our project series "aaron's law"!

© Adolf Alcañiz
© Gerard Spee
© Adolf Alcañiz

We celebrate Aaron Swartz!

© Wikimedia | Sage Ross
Photo: Aaron Swartz

Our ongoing artistic-technical project series "aaron's law" is dedicated to Aaron Swartz, the American Internet activist for open and free access to knowledge (* 8 November 1986 in Chicago, † 11 January 2013 in New York City).

Together with our partners, we organize events throughout the year that deal with Aaron's technical developments (e.g. Open Library, Creative Commons, Open Source technologies), his thoughts on ethics in technology and, above all, their impact on the here and now.

The starting signal on 11 January 2023 - the 10th anniversary of Aaron's death - is the relaunch of the website www.netart.cc, which also serves as an information platform for the project series.

The program of "aaron's law" will be continuously updated - stay tuned! If you would like to help shape this impulse project, please contact us. We look forward to your contribution!