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last change: June 06, 2018

Changes due to GDPR

Due to the GDPR has undertaken changes in the Whois policy as well as the registration and management of

  • personal data (object typ "Person") will no longer be displayed
  • non-personal data (object typ "Organisation" or "Role") will be displayed as before
  • the owner of an Domain is always of type "Organisation"
  • admin-c und tech-c can be of type "Person" or "Role"
  • to change a contact of type "Person" you have to delete the nic-handle and create a new one
  • since contacts of type "Person" will no be desplayed, it is the requester/owners responsibility to store the nic-handle

The domain is administrated as a service of the University of Vienna by the austrian NREN ACOnet. Therefore domains under must be applied at this institution. An ACOnet participation is not required for the domain application.

If needed, the University of Vienna provides a Secondary Domain Name Service for domains under at Documents concerning requirements and the costs are available in german language underneath.

Allocation of domains

  • Please use our webform for domain applications, updates and cancellations.

  • Domains under are exclusively assigned to dormitories with an ACOnet-participating responsible organization. For application or updates of a domain please contact

  • Allocation of .gv domains is only available at the Federal Chancellery. More information about e-government topics is online at Digital Austria. For applications of domains please contact

  • at: For domains under .at, and we refer to the Austrian registry


In case of further questions concerning domains please contact:

T: +43 1 4277 14277