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last change: February 05, 2019

Webform for ac.at Domains: Help

A detailed helptext is available in the german language page tree.

Changes due to GDPR

Due to the GDPR aco.net has undertaken changes in the Whois policy as well as the registration and management of .ac.at-domains.

  • personal data (object typ "Person") will no longer be displayed
  • non-personal data (object typ "Organisation" or "Role") will be displayed as before
  • the owner of an ac.at Domain is always of type "Organisation"
  • admin-c und tech-c can be of type "Person" or "Role"
  • to change a contact of type "Person" you have to delete the nic-handle and create a new one
  • since contacts of type "Person" will no be desplayed, it is the requester/owners responsibility to store the nic-handle

Input Assistance

All form fields in the webform are marked with a question mark (?) for an input assistance, which may point at some input errors.

In case of any further questions, please contact domain-admin@univie.ac.at or +43-1-4277-14277.