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last change: November 28, 2017

Concept & Aims


  • With a combination of a powerful backbone and services highly focussed on customers' needs, ACOnet provides its participants many possibilities for scientific, innovative communication, cooperation and further development at a national and international level.

  • ACOnet supports the forming of communities of participants with similar needs and goals. Community building is the basis for mutual trust, which again is a prerequisite for secure and efficient communication as well as for the implementation of services.

  • ACOnet, as a neutral and non-commercial expert institution, offers its know-how to the community and cooperates with relevant organisations and institutions in Austria and beyond.

Strategic Aims

  • Primarily, ACOnet supports the participating Austrian universities and research and education institutions, according to their demands regarding national and international data networking and services.

  • ACOnet constantly enhances its infrastructure and services, closely following the trends in the international research and education community.

  • ACOnet endeavours to continuously improve its cost-efficiency ratio for the participants. The focus is set on  reliability of operations and the development of the service portfolio.

  • Besides providing reliable internet connectivity for its participants, ACOnet is also interested in offering its services to research projects with unique demands and to user groups with especially high quality needs.