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last change: October 10, 2020

ACOnet Participation Request

All not-for-profit educational, research, or cultural institutions located in Austria are invited to participate in ACOnet (see the List of Participants). These include universities, universities of applied sciences, academies, schools, and other educational institutions as well as art and cultural institutions. Further participants - e.g. from the fields of health care and public administration - can also be connected, provided that their requirements are compatible with the operational concept of ACOnet.

If you intend to participate in ACOnet, please read the documents below concerning the Principles of Participation ("Grundsaetze fuer die Teilnahme an ACOnet") and the General Usage Guidelines ("ACOnet Acceptable Use Policy"). These documents are only available in German.

Afterwards, please send the fully completed and digitally signed Participation Agreement ("Vereinbarung fuer Teilnahme") by e-mail to admin(at)aco.net (your signature must be verifiable by RTR's signature verification service). Alternatively, you can also send us the printed form with your original signature by post. In both cases we will return the digitally countersigned document by e-mail.

Please note that there are special arrangements and forms for students' dormitories!