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last change: March 20, 2017

ACOnet Participation Request

All not-for-profit educational, research or cultural institutions located in Austria are invited to participate in ACOnet. In particular this includes universities, colleges, academies, schools, and other educational establishments, as well as museums, and libraries (List of Participants).

If you intend to participate in ACOnet, please read the documents concerning the Principles of Participation ("Grundsaetze fuer die Teilnahme an ACOnet") and the General Usage Guidelines ("ACOnet Acceptable Use Policy"). Right now these files are only available in german language. Then please complete the Participation Agreement ("Vereinbarung fuer Teilnahme") and submit it by mail to:

University of Vienna
Vienna University Computer Center
Department "ACOnet & VIX"
Universitaetsstrasse 7
1010 Vienna, Austria