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last change: June 15, 2022


This area lists a choice of companies and institutions which are connected with ACOnet. Links to ACOnet's participating universities and organizations can be found in the list of participants.

e-Infrastructures Austria
Hurricane Electric

A1 Telekom Austria - Fiber Optic Backbone Provider

Akamai - Web Acceleration

AMC - Academic Moodle Cooperation

Arbor - Traffic Anomaly Detection

BIRD - Open Source Route Server Software

CERT.at - Austrian National CERT

e-Infrastructures Austria - Repository Infrastructures for Research and Education

eduroam - education roaming

GÉANT - European Research an Education Network

Hurricane Electric - Upstream Provider

IANA - Internet Assigned Numbers Authority

ICANN - Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

Icinga - Open Source Monitoring

iMooX - Free Online Courses

Vienna Internet eXchange

IPv6 Act Now - RIPE NCC IPv6 Website

ISO - International Organization for Standardization

ISOC - Internet Society

ISPA - Internet Service Providers Austria

ITU - International Telecommunication Union

Kapsch Business Com - Service & Support

next layer - Upstream Provider

nic.at - Austrian Internet Registry

NOKIA - Switches & Routers

Open Networks - Service & Support

PHAIDRA - Digital Asset Management System for Long-Term Securing

PRACE - Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe

RDA-AT - Research Data Alliance in Austria

RIPE NCC - RIPE Network Coordination Centre

Stopline - Report Center against Child Pornography or National Socialism

u:book - Low-Priced Laptops for Educational Institutions

University of Vienna - Legal Entity and Operator of ACOnet

VIX - Vienna Internet eXchange

VSC - Vienna Scientific Cluster