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20 Years of Internet in Austria / ACOnet

On the occasion of “20 Years of Internet in Austria” and “20 Years of ACOnet Infrastructure” a two-day anniversary celebration was hosted by the University of Vienna in June 2010.

National forum and social event:

20 Years of Internet in Austria

Tuesday, 8. June 2010 from 14:00
at University of Vienna, Main Ceremonial Chamber

Symposium: "Inter/national Research Network Infrastructures - yesterday / today / tomorrow" on the occasion of:

20 Years of ACOnet Infrastructure

Wednesday, 9. June 2010 10:00-17:00
at University of Vienna, Main Ceremonial Chamber

Programme and presentations for both events
Pictures from the events
Videostreams of the first day


In 1990 ACOnet was established as a private network infrastructure based on PTA leased lines, interconnecting the Austrian universities. Also in 1990, in August, the first TCP/IP based dedicated 64kbps line was established between the University of Vienna and Geneva (CERN) in the context of IBMs "European Academic Supercomputer Initiative”, interconnected with NSFnet (USA) and connecting Austria to the Global Internet. Independently also the preparations for the formation of the EUnet GmbH proceeded, constituting in the following years the first commercial ISP in Austria.



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