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Videos net:25

In June 2015, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Internet in Austria and of the ACOnet, ACOnet organized the event trilogy net:25 | net:future, net:science, net:art.

  • The sections net:future and net:science took a look at the future of the Internet. Videos of the individual presentations and discussions can be found below (conference language: English).

  • The video of the interactive sound and dance performance net:art | near in the distance 2 is available at www.netart.cc.

net:25 - Highlights (short video, 7 minutes)

Videos net:future | Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Opening and Welcome
Karl Schwaha, Vice Rector of the University of Vienna

Keynote 1:  Unreal objects and net futures
Kate O'Riordan (University of Sussex)

Panel 1:  Critical Engineering or critical thinking?
with Kate O'Riordan, Joanna J. Bryson, Julian Oliver, Lars Persen
Chair: Brigitte Krenn (Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence)

Panel 2:  Hyperconnected tools and the call for a digital policy
with Jessica Barker, Phil Zimmermann, Louis Pouzin, Felix Stalder
Chair: Mirjam Kühne (RIPE NCC)

Panel 3:  Dreaming big. Data versus Humans?
with Bruce Sterling, Rafael Capurro, Danese Cooper
Chair: Peter Purgathofer (TU Wien)

Keynote 2:  Line, Backbone, Net, Web, Cloud, Ubiquity -- And What Comes After That?
Bruce Sterling (Science Fiction Author)

Short presentation:  Wiener Staatsoper's streaming project and "The Salome Experience"
Christopher Widauer (Wiener Staatsoper), Peter Reichl (University of Vienna)