Monday, 29 May 2017

Guided Tours @ Bruckner University and Sonic Lab

© Simon Bauer
Photo: Anton Bruckner Private University, Foyer
© Simon Bauer
Photo: Anton Bruckner Private University, Park View
© Christian Herzenberger
Photo: Anton Bruckner Private University, Sonic Lab

The Anton Bruckner Private University Linz for music and drama invites you to visit its stunning new university building, located on the Pöstlingberg hillside. Enjoy a guided tour of the campus and a live demonstration at the Sonic Lab, one of the university's three concert halls. The Sonic Lab is designed as a computer music concert hall dedicated to multichannel computer music and electroacoustic music, as well as experimental music.

Monday, 29 May 2017 | 19:00 and 20:00 (approx. 75 minutes)

Anton Bruckner Private University Linz

As one of the five Austrian universities for music and drama, the Anton Bruckner Private University sees its role both as a training ground for performing, teaching and academic research, and as an important agent in the development and communication of the arts. The range of courses include performance and teaching degrees in the classical instrumental categories and in vocal studies, early music, jazz, composition, contemporary dance, drama, music promotion and commu­nication as well as elementary musical pedagogy. Furthermore, the Bruckner University is one of the region’s largest organizers and presenters of cultural events (concerts, plays, performances, lectures and discussions).

The new building of the Bruckner University at the foot of the Pöstlingberg impresses with its striking architecture and creates the ideal environment for many-facetted encounters with music, drama and dance. The park on the university campus and the bistro with terrace service are freely available to the public, and a tempting prospect for a prolonged visit.

Sonic Lab

The Sonic Lab is an intermedia computer music concert hall with periphonic speaker system, created by Andreas Weixler for the Bruckner University to enable international exchanges for teaching and production with other developed computer music studios. 20 full range audio channels plus 4 subsonic channels surround the audience, enabling sounds to move in space in both the horizontal and vertical planes. A double video and data projection capability allows the performance of audiovisual works and also the accommodation of conferences, etc. The speciality of the Sonic Lab is interactive audiovisual performances, in which the sound of acoustic musical instruments produce images and spatial sounds in interplay.

However, the Sonic Lab is also a perfect venue for concerts of jazz and improvised music (which often features strong percussive and amplified sounds) and for contemporary music (which frequently requires dry and clear acoustics) thanks to its special acoustic treatment. The Sonic Lab is thus a place for the music of the future.


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