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last change: July 13, 2017


ACOnet currently runs 2 timeservers that are publicly available for time queries via NTP. The two servers are situated at different housing locations and the time is also obtained by two different devices (DCF77 and GPS).

The servers are reachable via ts1.aco.net and ts2.aco.net. Both of the servers are also available as pool servers (see http://www.pool.ntp.org), if you want to make use of the NTP pool service.

  • ts1.aco.net

    • Location: NIG
    • Time source: DCF77

  • ts2.aco.net

    • Location: Interxion
    • Time source: GPS

ACOnet participants can configure those servers as "peers" if the participant runs his stratum 1 timeserver with a proper reference clock. In this case, please send requests to domain-admin@univie.ac.at.