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last change: April 08, 2020

ACOnet CERT: Contact Information

Vienna University Computer Center
Universitaetsstrasse 7
1010 Vienna

T: +43-1-4277-14045

Core Team

Name PGP Key-ID Fingerprint
Alexander Talos-Zens
Team Chair
0x757A494B CDDA 567F 6388 E215 047F 41BF 8547 B756 757A 494B
Christoph Campregher
0xC5CA63A5 0CAD 5090 7644 521B 9D1A 5464 EDF4 FA48 C5CA 63A5
Markus Raditsch
0xBE802A19 932F 9F1B 4492 6109 5AE5 6402 6F6D 90CD BE80 2A19

Additional team members

There are five additional staff members of the Vienna University Computer Center who are involved in security-related activities:

Name PGP Key-ID Fingerprint
Kurt Bauer 0xC88DE86B FB86 003C AA87 A097 BD63 008D A80D FDAD C88D E86B
Harald Michl 0xB9E4EBDA 2968 CA54 DE07 0A89 27F3 9FD3 D50F FDB3 B9E4 EBDA
Michael Perzi 0xC4D45015 4694 BFA2 B327 E171 F322 FBDF A4B8 2D83 C4D4 5015
Daniel Schirmer 0x3011D995 214A 2873 BA39 DAEF A0FB 48F3 8842 5D25 3011 D995
Peter Schober 0xF868B59A 336A 59F9 93C6 34AD 50D6 DBE2 AFF6 0721 F868 B59A

The Team's PGP Keys

Function/Use PGP Key-ID Fingerprint
ACOnet-CERT Master Certification Key 2013 - 2022 0x3E9262F6 3091 4F66 3BF2 4132 2103 E3AA 3ED7 164F 3E92 62F6
ACOnet-CERT Team Key 2019 0x1A5A84A2 E89A A7B8 CD85 D563 81A2 04C2 02FD EF40 1A5A 84A2
ACOnet-CERT Ticket System Signing Key 2019 0xE60101DA 6F99 1A0E 9C2E 1C44 65E6 5DD2 2D77 7957 E601 01DA

Brief description of PGP Keys

Confidential messages for a particular member of the team should be encrypted with the individual's PGP Key, while messages sent to the entire team should be encrypted with the Team Key (gets changed annually).

Messages generated by the ticket system are signed with the Ticket System Signing Key. This key also gets changed annually.

The keys for the team, for the ticket system and the team members' individual keys are signed with the Master Certification Key. The Master Certification Key in turn is signed by the Trusted Introducer, the European service for accreditation of Incident Response Teams.