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last change: June 30, 2020

ACOdns Primary

ACOdns Primary extends ACOnet's name services with essential functions. With ACOdns Primary, ACOnet participants get the possibility to operate their domains actively and exclusively at ACOnet. By means of a web interface the domains can be managed by the participant himself.

For participants who do not run their own nameservers the two required nameservers (ns5.univie.ac.at and ns10.univie.ac.at) are provided by ACOnet. Thus the name service can be obtained completely from ACOnet and does not have to be operated by the participant himself or purchased from an (external) service provider.

Another possible application of ACOdns Primary is to use the service as an emergency nameservice: Should the participant experience a total network failure, he can still edit his domain using the web interface - and thus, for example, have the web server point to a prepared web host with an emergency website. In this scenario, ACOdns Primary is only used in an emergency, otherwise the participant operates his domain as usual.


Please note that a portal account is required to use this service.
In case of further questions please contact domain-admin(at)univie.ac.at.