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last change: October 01, 2022

ACOdns Secondary

For the operation of certain domains, it is often desired that the name service for these domains is not only carried out in the own operating environment, but also at external locations. To support such situations the ACOdns Secondary service offers the possibility to host these domains on dedicated ACOnet nameservers. Domains of all TLDs as well as reverse DNS zones (in-addr.arpa or ip6.arpa) can be hosted. The administration of the domains is completely in the responsibility of the participant organisation.

In this case, the ACOdns Secondary service provides both a unicast name server (ns5.univie.ac.at) and an anycast name server (ns10.univie.ac.at).


Anycast is a technology that distributes the load over many individual servers. The IP address (of a service) is announced by several different servers which are usually located at different locations in the network. Through network traffic control, the load is distributed to the individual instances and response times are optimized. The failure of a single server does not affect the service, as all other servers automatically take over the traffic. In the case of ns10.univie.ac.at there are currently eight servers in use: two in Vienna, two at GovIX and one each in Frankfurt, Stockholm, London, and Dallas.


In case of further questions please contact domain-admin(at)univie.ac.at.